How to Set Up Internationalization (i18n)

Internationalization (i18n) in Zesty is a way to help you manage your multi-language sites. Sites with an international audience can have the option to switch between different languages while using the same content structure with just a click of a button.

How to set up Internationalization

From the config tab in the header, select ‘Languages’.


Default Language

The default language will be the language automatically selected when creating a new page. Note: ‘Content Structure’ listed inside of the config tab will only show for the default language.

Other Languages

Set as Default: Setting a language as default will change the default language to the selected one.

Activate for Website Visitors: While adding a language to your site lets you interact with the content of the page through Zesty, the page will not be publically visible until you activate it. To make your page publically visible, select ‘Activate for Website Visitors’.

Add a Language: Select a language from the dropdown to store it in your language options. Note: Only certain users (Admin and Developer) will have access to add a language.


How to create content in other languages

Once internationalization is set up, a language selector dropdown will appear in each content page.


Select your new language option from the dropdown. Once selected, you will be able to edit content from the page specific to the chosen language.

Contact us to add internationalization to your site.