The Media tab is where all of a properties media is organized. Types of media that can be uploaded include SVG, PDF, MOV, Mp4, GIF, JPEG, and more.


The Media tab is where all of an instance's media is organized. All types of files can be uploaded, including SVG, PDF, MOV, Mp4, GIF, JPEG, PDF, and more.

The media section interface.

Media File Information

Media file information such as the name, file name, ZUID, and more is accessed by clicking the cog icon in the lower left-hand corner of the thumbnail frame.

The cog icon in the thumbnail frame allows you to access the media file's information.


Media can be organized into groups, groups can be nested, and media can be drag-and-dropped between groups. These groups are only visual representations used in the interface and do not affect the path of the media. To create a new group click the + New Group button, which will cause a modal will pop up allowing you to name your group. Once you've named your group click the Create Group button in the modal and you're done.

Media can be organized into groups.


Instances can have EcoBins which allow media to be shared across instances. Contact if you're interested in an EcoBin to share media across your instances.