Our guides will help you build out different aspects of your instance from adding forms to coding in one-to-many field relationships.
Here are the articles in this section:
Setting up Google Analytics for GDPR
How to be GDPR compliant with Google Analytics and Tag Manager using cookies and Javascript
How Webpages are Assembled
In this article we review how uses all of the content, files, and settings for a web property to generate the H...
How do Instance or Blueprint LESS Variables Work
How to Access Basic API JSON Endpoints
Learn about our basic API JSON endpoints and how to use them.
How to Create a Customizable JSON Endpoint For Content
How to Create a Lead Form
This guide walks through creating a lead capture form which will store the data entered in the form to Zesty and send an...
How to Create a New Instance
The Account Manager houses all of your instances. Your instances are your unique projects created in the ecosys...
How to Create a one_to_many Relationship
How to Create one_to_one Relationships
How to Create a Search Page
This guide shows how to create a search results page within Zesty, demonstrating with a zipcode search example.
How to Filter by Tags
Learn how to filter through your content using tags
How to Implement Cross-instance Content Sharing
How to Implement Simple Pagination
Pagination is a great way to break up content over a number of pages. Whether it's a multi-page article or a table of da...
How to Launch an Instance
It's easy to launch your instance with Simply set your domain, configure your DNS, and then confirm your site ...
How to Personalize User Experience by Accessing Geolocation
If a user's browser has access to the W3C Geoloction API, you can learn the latitude and longitude of a user through a c...
How to Personalize User Experience with JavaScript Cookies
In the event where you want to store a cookie based on a user action without passing a link, you would need to use JavaS...
How to Personalize User Experience with Session Variables
When a user has cookies disabled, or their ad blocker blocks cookies, your best to use session variables to ensure perso...
How to Prevent Bots From Submitting Forms
Are bots submitting your form? Screen out form submissions by bots by implementing our honeypot feature.
How to Migrate a Site to
Learn how to migrate a site to While this guide focuses on WordPress, this guie can also be used as a general ...
How to Set Up Two-factor Authentication
For that extra step of security, set up two-factor authentication. This article will show a user how to enable two-facto...
How to Set Up Internationalization (i18n)
How to Use the Visual Sitemap
How to control and use og:image
How to Create a Blueprint in Github