The content section is often the most used interface in As the name suggests this tab is where all of the content data for the instance is viewed, created, edited, or deleted.


The Content section is split into two sections. The left hand column is the Content Structure list and it is always there. The right hand section is the main part of the page and changes what is displayed depending on what is selected. The four types of views are

  • Dashboard

  • Entry Editing

  • Create New Entry

  • Table View


This is the initial view when you first load the Content section or launch the content manager. The default dashboard shows an overview of key analytics from Google Analytics (as long as it's been configured), a list of recently edited entries, and highlights recent news from

Entry Editing

This view shows fields with the current content value(s) in the main section and publishing history and status to the right.@

This view is like the Item Editing view except the fields are all blank or default and there is no publishing or draft history on the right.

Table View

This is for page groups and data sets to show a list of all the entries in the content set. Clicking into an item brings up the Entry Editing view and clicking the green "+ Add New" brings up the Create New Entry view. You can search, filter, update sort order, and paginate through the table.