Export Content Model to CSV

You can export a model's content items to a Comma Separated Value file by using a GET request to the cloud function contentToolsModeltoCSV or by writing your own NodeJS script.
Content Model to CSV

Write your Own CSV Export

If you are looking for a more custom export, here is the the node code to export a Content Model to a CSV using the Node SDK.
const SDK = require("@zesty-io/sdk");
const modelZUID = '6-xxx-xxxxx';
const instanceZUID = '8-xxx-xxxxx';
const authToken = 'XXXXX';
const sdk = new SDK(instanceZUID, token);
let items = await sdk.instance.getItems(modelZUID);
let header = []
let itemData = []
// start the headers
header.push({id: 'zuid', title: 'zuid'})
header.push({id: 'url', title: 'url'})
// create the csv headers based on the content (data) row
for (let [key, value] of Object.entries([0].data)) {
header.push({id: key, title: key});
} item => { = item.web.path ? item.web.path : null; = item.meta.ZUID;
// take first item and convert it to a header
const createCsvStringifier = require('csv-writer').createObjectCsvStringifier;
const csvStringifier = createCsvStringifier({
header: header
let csvstring = csvStringifier.getHeaderString()+csvStringifier.stringifyRecords(itemData);