<ZestyView> Component

Building the ZestyView component for dynamic routes

<ZestyView> Component


Create a directory called zesty and add a new file called ZestyView.tsx

Here is an example snippet for the ZestyView component

* Component which dynamically selects the relative content model component view
import React, { useEffect } from "react";
import * as Zesty from "@/views/zesty";
import Custom404 from "@/pages/404";
import { ContentItem } from "@/types";
type ZestyViewProps = {
content: ContentItem;
export const ZestyView = (props: ZestyViewProps) => {
if (props.content.error) {
return <Custom404 />;
let modelName = props.content.meta.model_alternate_name;
// check if the model name starts with a numeric value, if so prepend N to match component creation name
if (modelName.match(/^[0-9]/) !== null) {
modelName = "N" + modelName;
// dynamically resolves the content models component
const Component = (Zesty as any)[modelName];
return <Component content={props.content} />;

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