Instances API

A REST API for interacting with your instance resources.

Every instance created in can be interacted with over https using the instance API (Application Programming Interface). When an instance is created it is assigned a ZUID (Zesty Universal IDentifier). Using this ZUID the instances API can be requested with the following URL pattern.

Complete API Reference:

The instance API is implemented as a REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture. It allows for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on the requested instance.

There can be many consumers of the Instances API. For example; the manager-ui consumes your instances API to provide it's functionality. Another common example is making instances API requests as part of a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Development) flow.

Access Permissions

Instance access is restricted by a roles & permissions system. Accessing an instance with the API requires making an authenticated request. Which is a request that includes an Authentication header which contains either a user session or an access token. Which one you use will depend upon your use case and needs.

Publishing actions are not supported with access tokens.


All API responses are JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. Although JSON includes the JavaScript language name it is a common format consumable across many programming langauges. It acts as a standardized way to pass various data structures over http.


Node SDK

The node-sdk is the primary tool for interacting with platform resources. It can be used to programmatically manage an instance.

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