Node SDK Software developer kit (SDK) with Node SDK

This is a basic example of how to setup an authenticated SDK instance and request data.

*Requires Nodejs installed on your system.

1) Use a package manager to install the SDK. e.g. npm install @zesty-io/sdk

2) Create an example file

// example/basic/index.js

const SDK = require("@zesty-io/sdk");

// !!! Do not commit your password to a repository. This needs to stay secret.
// We only have you enter it here for simplicity of the example.
// Add your user email, password and instance ZUID
const ZESTY_USER_EMAIL = "";

async function main() {
  // Get authenticated session
  const auth = new SDK.Auth();
  const session = await auth.login(ZESTY_USER_EMAIL, ZESTY_USER_PASSWORD);

  // Instantiate sdk instance with instance ZUID and authenticated session token
  const sdk = new SDK(ZESTY_INSTANCE_ZUID, session.token);

  // Request instance data
  const res = await sdk.instance.getModels();

  // View our response data in the console

// Run the function

3) Run the example with node index.js


Further explanations of the example code

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