Globals are a unique Content Model included with every instance.


Globals (formerly Content Clippings) is a Content Model designed to store content not assigned to any one page or other content entry. Often these content pieces are used site wide or control settings and default behavior.

Default fields

Globals comes default with three fields: Site Name, Site Logo, and Footer Text. Site Name has a reference name of site_name and it is a text field. Site Logo is an image field with a reference name of logo. And Footer Text is another text field with a reference name of footer_text. These fields can be deactivated, renamed, reordered, or otherwise edited. They are not required.

Assigning fields and entering content

You can assign fields and enter content similar to how you would any custom content set. To add fields, find Globals under Headless in the Schema section. To edit content, find Globals near the bottom of the Content Structure List under Headless in the Content section.

Referencing in Parsley

To reference a field in Globals use {{ globals.field_name }} where field_name is replaced with the reference name to the field you want to access.

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