Default Layout vs Single Item

How to use default layout and single item

Default Layout

  • Default Layout - this will be the default layout of all items inside of that model if there's nothing set to an item.

  • Item(ex: About Component 1, About Component 2) - these are the specific pages/content of the model.

  • Copy Default Layout - this function lets you copy the default layout on your item(ex: if you unintentionally remove all the contents in the canvas), in order for you not to recreate your layout from scratch.

Single Item

  • You can also change the content of some other model that you want to drag in your selected model. ex: Once you select an item in the dropdown it will let you preview what it will display in the canvas to provide you an idea.

Note : When saving a Default Layout it will always start with this convention 6- cause we are using the id of the Selected Model while the Selected Item within the Model is 7-, you can view your saved item or model in Code page.

Preview Other Model

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