Accepting an Invite to an Instance

Before you can work on an instance that you're invited to, you'll need to accept your invite.


Only users of an instance can access it and edit its content. To become a user of an instance a user needs to be its owner, part of team that's assigned to it, or invited to access it. After a user is invited to access an instance they'll need to accept their invite before they can access the instance. Likewise, if a user is not the owner or a team member of an instance they'll need be invited and accept that invite to an instance before they can access it.

There are 2 ways to login to accept your invite: via email and by navigating to

Even though a user does not have a account they can still be invited to access an instance. However, they will need to create an account before they can accept their invite.

Before you begin

If you've never created an account in then create an account.

1. Navigate to to sign up for an account.

2. After you've created an account, check your email and verify your account.

If you don't see a verification email in your inbox check your spam folder.

3. Click the orange "Verify your email address" button to verify your email address.


There are 2 ways to get to the login screen:

Get to the login screen via email

1a. Locate the invitation in your inbox.

2a. Open the email and click on the orange "Login to accept invite" button, which will route you to the login screen.

Get to the login screen via URL

1b. Navigate to the login screen.

After getting to the login screen follow the steps below:

2. Use your account credentials to login to your account.

3. There will be an Invites section in your all-instances view. Click the green Accept Invite section to accept your invite.

4. Once you accept your invite the instance's settings drawer will open and you'll see a notification in the lower left-hand corner that you've accepted access to an instance.


Email Mismatch

If you've been invited to access an instance but you do not see an invitation once you login, ensure that the invite email and account email are an exact match. For example, you'll have issues accessing your invitation if your account has been created with a personal email address, and the invitation was sent to a professional email address.

Invitee doesn't have a account

Anyone can be invited to access an instance whether or not they have an existing account. However, only users who do have an existing account will be able to accept an invite. Before you try to accept an invite be sure that you have a account under the email that you've been invited with.

Unable to accept invite via email link

If you're unable to accept an invite via the link in the email you can login to your account and view invitations in the Accounts interface and accept them there. Invitations to instances show up in their own section above the instances that you already have access to.

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