Microsoft Single Sign-On (SSO)

You may log into using Microsoft Single-On

Once you've logged in via Microsoft SSO your account is tied to Microsoft SSO login and you must always login using this method.

To log in to using Microsoft SSO click the Sign in with Microsoft button which is located below the login form at

For Organizations

Organizations that have enterprise licensing with may choose to have new account creation be blocked on a email domain basis thus forcing new users to use Microsoft SSO.

Once a user in your organization connects to with Microsoft SSO users may be deleted them from your Azure organization to prevent them from logging in again.

Synchronized Permissions

Permissions are not synchronized with Microsoft Active Directory. Single Sign-On login is only available once your organization's Microsoft Active Directory admin has allowed the application.

You can streamline permission access by using Teams in, which enables you to add a single team to an instance under specific roles and permissions. Adding and removing a user from a Team is the best way to cascade access. Learn more about Teams.


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