Download Audit Trail Report

How to use Activity Log to generate PDF log reports

Your legal team may need to use log data as evidence for legal purposes. In these situations, they may request a PDF file of all actions taken on a resource/s which they can register with a court of law. Below are the steps to download such a PDF report.

Step 1: Click on Reports in the left navigation bar

The Activity Log should open by default to the "Resources" tab.

Step 2: Click on a resource in the "Resources" tab of Activity Log

For example, I am clicking on "Microsoft Active Directory integration".

Step 3: Click on "Export Audit Trail Report" (in the top right corner) in the resources view

This will load a new tab.

Step 4: In the new tab, click on the blue "Save" button (in the bottom center)

Make sure you have the destination set as "Save as PDF" and the checkbox for "Background Graphics" selected.

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