Audit Trail

An instances AuditTrail is a collection of records that catalogs the actions taken within an instance. e.g. Creating, Publishing, Deleting a content item. This provides insight into how or why a peice of content is in a specific state.

AuditTrail entries can only be retrived. Creation is reserved for internal usage, which is done at the individual API endpoint. Deletion and updating do not exist, as this acts as an immutable record of the actions taken in an instance.

All examples assume a properly authenticated SDK instance

Get all audit trail entries:

try {
  const res = await sdk.instance.getAuditLogs();
} catch (err) {

Get a specific audit trail entry by ZUID:

const auditZUID = "15-..."; // Audit trail entry ZUIDs begin with 15

try {
  const res = await sdk.instance.getAuditLog(auditZUID);
} catch (err) {

Get audit trail entries having specific properties: Further filtering documentation and examples

const filterProps = {
  // Object keys can be:
  // order
  // dir
  // start_date
  // end_date
  // limit
  // page
  // action
  // affectedZUID
  // userZUID
  // See documentation for examples.

try {
  res = await sdk.instance.searchAuditLogs({
    limit: 5,
    order: "created",
    dir: "desc"
} catch (err) {

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