Workflow Request

Workflow Requests are a feature built into every Content Item, allowing the direct request of content review.

Workflow Request in Content Items

The Workflow Request feature provides user with the ability to a request review and approval of content. This streamlines the approval and publishing of content by allowing content editors to file a request, via email to a desired Instance User, with the link and direct access to the content that was updated.

The Workflow Request is located in the Content Item's Details Panel. Once selected, a form is displayed that has a selection of all users assigned to the Instance, all fields included in the Content Item and a message form to provide any additional instructions.

Submitting the form sends an email to the selected recipient's associated user email address. The email provides the requester's name, the list of fields to be reviewed, the requesters message from the form and direct link to the Content Item to be reviewed.

Leveraging the Workflow Request

This feature empowers users to continue work progression, including users with a restricted role or permission. For these users the ability to request approval or publishing directly from the Content Item needing to be reviewed, while providing the reviewee with all the necessary details and links, eliminates the need for additional steps.

Utilizing this feature enables the Instance's owner to limit roles and permissions without losing efficiency. Users can be added as content editors only, giving the owner complete control over content approval and publishing capabilities.

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