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What are Views?

Views are template files in that can render HTML or various other MIME types. Views render dynamically using the templating language, Parsley.

All Views have a ZUID that starts with 11, for example 11-123a2f0-qw2n4.

Views can carry one of three associations:

  1. Content Model View A Content Model can optionally be created with a view. When this happens, Content Items of that Model get unique URLs. When a content model's item gets accessed by its URL, the Site Engine will render the view associated with it. When a view is associated with a content model, it has unique behaviors in the Manager Code Editor. This views invoke the {{this}} Parsley call which gives direct access to the specific Content Item being rendered.

  2. Endpoint View Views created to load a specific MIME type. Through Parsley they can have access to any data in an Instance, they can also have access to foreign instance data through EcoCode.

  3. Snippet View Code that is intended to be reused, like HTML components or common each loops, can stored in a snippet and be {{include}}'d in both Endpoint Views of Content Model Views.

  4. Wildcard View View A view that resolves against a dynamic url structure which may contain any URL path part. For example a wild card view created called: /store/*/*/ will resolve /store/anything/here/. These views have access to Parsley, but do not have access to the {{this}} call.'s Templating Language, Parsley

Parsley is templating language used in a view to access content managed in

Similar to other templating languages, Parsley uses double curly brackets {{ }} to open and close template expressions. Inside these brackets a developer can use Parsley to access content, write conditionals, or reference look ups. Parsley templating expressions are written alongside standard HTML. See the below example for a reference.

Parsley Each Example
{{each articles as article}}
    <li><a href="{{article.getURL()}}">{{article.title}}</a></li>

One can quickly explore what Parsley has to offer at the Parsley REPL.

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