Inviting Users

A walkthrough guide on how to invite users to your Instance.

After the creation of an Instance, one of the next steps is to give additional users access, as needed. This can be achieved within the Instance Settings Drawer, utilizing the form located in the User Access section

When granting users access to an Instance, users will be assigned a role. This role governs a user's permission to access apps in the ecosystem and the actions they are allowed to perform. Please see our Roles & Permissions for additional information.

Sending a User Invitation

The invitation form requires two items: the user's email address and their role assignment. The role assignment dropdown houses the available options that can be assigned.

Warning: The email address the invitation is sent to, must match the email address the user has created or will create their account credentials with.

After adding both email and role, simply select the ADD USER button. Once completed the invited user will be listed as pending, until the user has accepted the invite.

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