Environments & Publishing

Information on Publishing Content Items and How

WebEngine Environments

In Zesty.io, there are two primary viewable WebEngine URLs for an instance, we call them environments.

  • Live Environment: Production URL (your domain)

  • Stage Environment: Stage URL (zesty hashed domain)

Both these domains are accessible through the account's interface, when viewing your instance settings, or through the instance manager in various areas when editing content or code.

The instance's production URL is the domain you set in accounts for example, ours is www.zesty.io. The stage URL (sometimes called preview) is generated by Zesty.io and looks like https://xyz-dev.webengine.zesty.io

How Publishing Works Between Environments

The publish action exists for both content items and code files; publish is used to put content or code into production. This is advantageous because it allows both content authors and developers to preview changes before publishing them to the world wide web. Content Items and Code Files you edit in Zesty.io always save as a version in stage. To move a version into production you must publish. Un-publishing removes an item from production, but keeps a copy in stage.

What does Publishing do?

The publish action sets a content item version to be accessible through the production website.

What does Un-publishing do?

An unpublish action immediately removes a content item from production. Code files do not have unpublish, but rollbacks and deletes.

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