Next.js Dynamic Routes Component

Leveraging Next.js's dynamic route capabilities

As seen in Zesty’s nextjs13-starter package:

Create a component called [[..zesty]].tsx in your pages directory

Here is an example snippet for the catch all component. Note that we are using Material UI components in this example which are not necessary for your custom build. You will want to setup a <ZestyView> component that passes the content property.

See the following reference:

<ZestyView> Component

import React from "react";
import { GetServerSideProps } from "next";
import { fetchPageJson } from "@zesty-io/nextjs-sync";
import { ZestyView } from "@/components/zesty/ZestyView";
// main is used here, its a base for layout that uses Material UI (mui), delete it if you dont want it, and just return <ZestyView content={props} />
import Main from "@/layout/Main";
import { ContentItem } from "@/types";
export default function Zesty(props: ContentItem) {
return (
<ZestyView content={props} />
// This gets called on every request, its for SSR mode in next
export const getServerSideProps: GetServerSideProps = async (ctx) => {
try {
const data = await fetchPageJson(ctx.resolvedUrl);
// add your own custom logic here if needed, set your data to {data.yourData} ...
// generate a status 404 page
if (data.error) return { notFound: true };
// Pass data to the page via props
return { props: data };
} catch (error) {
// handle unexpected errors
return { notFound: true };

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