Editing Entry Details

The Entry Editing view in the Content Tab has all of the settings and fields that control meta information, parenting, the visibility and publish status, and more.


When viewing any specific entry in the Content Section, there is a consistent structure. The view is split into three columns. The left column is the same as all views in the Content Section, the Content Structure List. The center column is the Content Entry area and the right column is the Publishing Control area.

Content Entry (Center Column)

Across the top of the center column is a link to go back to the previous page, a button to save a draft and if the entry is a page, a button to reveal the page settings. Below are the fields specific to the Content Model you are editing. If the entry is a Single, there are consistent fields and options in the Settings area in the center column. To reveal these settings click the "Open Settings" button in the header of the center column. Once revealed, you will see options for controlling the url path, the parenting, the meta information, and other SEO related settings. By default these will be set at the time of the Single creation based on the entered content.

Publishing Control (Right Column)

This section may look different depending on your role, and the account workflow settings.

To better understand the functions of the different buttons and options in this section be sure to view the article on Publish and List Status.

At the top of the right column is current publish status for the Single, if published, the current published version number will display, otherwise it will say "Unpublished." In that same section are options to publish the current draft to live, to schedule the current draft, or to unpublish the page. Below that, you can see the current draft version being worked on, and quick links to view the page, if the entry is a page, in both the preview and live environments, and Open Content Model or Open Code Editor to edit either one of these options pertaining to this Content Model. The last button in this section opens up a modal to submit a workflow request, which will send an email to any selected emails which have access to the instance with a link to the content entry being viewed.

The next section on the right column handles the list status of the entry, to determine wether or not this entry is available in Parsley each loops and navigation calls. This setting affects both the current draft in the preview environment and the published version in the live environment.

The next two sections are a brief audit trail of the publishing and drafting histories. The section after that, if this entry is a page, allows you to share the link on social platforms. And lastly, is an option to delete this content entry. There is no way in the interface to recover a deleted entry, and a deleted entry can affect other content entries that are related to it or parented to it. Before deleting, try unpublishing and unlisting the entry first to make sure you are aware of all the changes that will occur.

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