WebEngine is a server side rendering origin for rich content and data. It communicate with popular CDNs and have handle versioned or published states.

At the foundation of every Zesty.io instance is WebEngine, a rendering service which powers the dynamic rendering of full page HTML, stand-alone files of any datatype, automated JSON output, proxied remote files, and more. WebEngine has all the logic built in to instantly become your domains origin to power on-the-fly search engine rich content.

The most foundational part of WebEngine is powering HTML or JSON views that are associated with the content items entered into content models. Each content item can power a dynamic rich HTML view or automated JSON which has all the content relationships hydrated.

Depending on the WebEngine mode, when a content items route is hit /about/ for example, either a fully rendered HTML page will be delivered, or, a fully hydrated JSON object of route's the content item.

Full Page Rendering - Hybrid and Traditional Modes

Each content model created on a Zesty.io instance comes with a editable HTML view that can be customized to any design. Pages can be wrapped in snippets like headers and footers. Each view is wrapped in a body with an automated head of title, meta, og:tags, CSS links, and JavaScript references. The head can optionally be customized.

Automated JSON - Headless Mode

When WebEngine runs in headless mode, it converts all routes associated to a content item and converts that data into fully hydrated JSON.

    title: "Your Content, Anywhere",
    image: {
        type: "images",
        totalItems: 1,
        data: [
                type: "image",
                zuid: "3-5c58033-eb8cq",
                url: "https://zestyio.media.zestyio.com/Zesty.io---9-5seg.mp4"
    customer_logo_heading: "Trusted by enterprises, startups, and everyone in between",
    main_headline: "Managing content at scale is difficult.",
    main_description: "<ul><li><p>Security issues, and out of date software</p></li><li><p>Editing the same content in multiple places</p></li><li><p>Developers needed for content updates</p></li></ul><h1>..but it doesn’t have to be</h1><ul><li><p>Centralized content management</p></li><li><p>Automated security and product improvements</p></li><li><p>Easy Distribution at global scale</p></li></ul>",
    pagina_nueva: null,
    og_image: {
    type: "images",
    totalItems: 1,
    data: [
                type: "image",
                zuid: "3-a4f5ca6-a25px",
                url: "https://kfg6bckb.media.zestyio.com/zesty-share-image-generic.png"
    meta: {
        type: "item",
        model_name: "homepage",
        zuid: "7-31209c-g7qsjg",
        createdAt: "2020-10-01 06:33:30",
        updatedAt: "2020-10-01 06:33:29",
        listed: "1",
        version: "200",
        locale: {
            id: "1",
            name: "English (United States)",
            code: "en-US",
            default: "1",
            active: "1",
            enabled: "1"
        model: {
            type: "model",
            zuid: "6-31079c-vdg69q",
            name: "homepage",
            label: "Homepage",
            resourceURI: "https://www.zesty.io/-/instant/6-31079c-vdg69q.json"
        web: {
            url: "https://www.zesty.io/",
            uri: "/",
            fragment: "zesty_home",
            canonical_tag_mode: "1",
            sitemap_priority: "-1.0",
            sitemap_last_updated: "2020-10-01 06:33:29",
            canonical_query_param_whitelist: null,
            canonical_tag_custom_value: null,
            seo_link_text: "Homepage",
            seo_meta_title: "Zesty.io: The Headless CMS for Marketers + Developers",
            seo_meta_description: "Built for teams to manage and distribute content to multiple sites, devices, and anywhere else it needs to go.",
            seo_meta_keywords: null

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