Azure SSO Custom Markdown Tile in Azure AD

This document is a guide on how to create a dashboard or update an existing dashboard with custom markdown tile in Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD) to do an Azure SSO in

Supported Features

  • IdP-initiated Single Sign-On (SSO) in Azure AD

The Azure SSO implementation in will use the common issuer to support both Microsoft accounts and work or school accounts as opposed to using an organization-specific issuer which only supports work or school accounts for the authorize and token endpoints. See our Microsoft Single Sign-On guide for more information.

  • Support user login to Zesty from Azure Portal

  • Automatic account creation in on initial SSO


  • User creating the custom dashboard that will contain a tile link in Azure Portal for each AD organization must have the Microsoft.Portal/Dashboards/Write permission (Owner and Contributor roles have this permission) to create the custom dashboard, publish it and share to assign access

  • Email that will be used to login in MUST match the email registered in in the Azure AD organization

Configuration Steps

  1. Login to Azure Portal

  2. In the sidebar, go to Dashboard

  3. The custom markdown tile can be added in an existing dashboard or on a new dashboard.

For creating a new dashboard, follow the Creating a new dashboard and continue with the Creating the custom markdown tile.

For adding the markdown tile in an existing dashboard, skip the Creating a new dashboard and continue with Creating the custom markdown tile.

Creating a new dashboard

  • Click Create button

  • Select Custom

  • Rename the dashboard to

Creating the custom markdown tile

  • Add a markdown tile

  • Edit markdown with the following details:

    • Title - leave as blank

    • Subtitle - leave as blank

    • Content - Inline editing using this HTML

<div style='display:flex;flex-direction:column;justify-content:center;align-items:center;'>
    <a href=''><img src='' style='height:70px;'/></a>

The markdown details are fully customizable. The only important detail to add is the link of the tile/button to use

  • Save the markdown and the dashboard created/updated

  • Publish the dashboard by clicking Share

  • Once the dashboard is published, go to Manage sharing > Access control

  • Go to Add > Role assignment and select roles and members to grant access to the dashboard

  • Once roles and members are selected, click Review + assign


  • Users who haven’t used their email in Zesty will have a new account created for them.

  • Zesty user roles and permissions are managed in Zesty per instance

    • Roles are assigned when inviting a user to a instance in Zesty


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