Adding a Favicon

Favicons serve a branding and help users identify your site when you have multiple browser tabs open.


Favicons are typically 16x16 pixel icon that's shown in a browser's tabs and bookmark lists. They not only serve as branding, but they help users easily identify your site in bookmark lists and among multiple browser tabs.

Steps to add a favicon

1. From the Content Manger click on the globe icon in the upper left-hand corner to launch the favicon modal

2. Click the + in the favicon modal to launch the media modal.

3. From the media modal select an existing image or upload a new image by dragging new images into the modal. Then select the image you want by clicking on it and click the green Load Selected button.

4. With your favicon selected, Zesty will show you the favicon at different sizes. If you're satisfied then click the green Save Favicon button. Note: you may need to scroll to see all sizes and Save Favicon button.

Congratulations! You've added a favicon. Your selected favicon will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the content manager where the globe icon was.

Updating an existing favicon

1. Click on the favicon which is in the upper left-hand corner to launch the favicon modal (shown in step 1 above).

2. Click on the X in the corner of the existing favicon to remove it.

3. Then click on the plus to add a new image (show in step 2 above) to select a new favicon.

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