Roles & Permissions

User Roles and Permissions are applied to User or Team access to via the Accounts instance settings drawer. Role permissions range from limiting the types of resources a user can access to whether they can save, create, delete or publish.

All users are managed by Owner and Admin user roles. Access and roles are specific to an individual user's role on a single instance. If they are a member of a team then their access will be limited to the team's role as its assigned on an instance.

Note: the Leads and Analytics in the screenshots below are only visible if an instance has form that uses Zesty's ZLF and if analytics have been activated. All roles have access to publishing/unpublishing and deleting content except for the Contributor role.

Base Roles Types


Full access to all sections: Content, Schema, Media, Code, Leads, Redirects, Reports, Apps, and Settings. In Accounts they have full access as well which includes the ability to: launch instances, add domains, invite new users and set their roles, add a team, and create tokens.


Admins have the same privileges as the Owner role except for deleting other users.


Access to Content, Schema, Media, Code, Leads, Redirects, Reports, Apps, and Setting section.


Access to Content, Media, Leads, Redirects, Reports, and Apps section.


Access to Content, Media, Leads, Reports, and Apps section.


Access to Content, Media, and Apps section.

Contributors can create and edit but they cannot publish content. To publish new content, contributors must submit a workflow request to a user with publishing access.

Contributors can access media and add files, but they cannot delete files.

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