The Leads Section is where submitted data from forms configured to work with Zesty.io Leads can be collected, viewed, and exported.


If a form submission is posted to a Zesty.io hosted website with an input value for zlf, Zesty.io will automatically store all the submitted data. The Leads section is where that stored data can be interacted with.

Note: the Leads section will automatically display once a lead is stored with your Zesty.io instance.

How to Connect forms to ZLF

To configure a form to use Zesty.io's leads table, three items need to be true. First, the form needs to be using the POST method. Second, the form action needs to be to a relative path. Third, the form needs to include an input with a name attribute of zlf and a non-empty value.

Here is an example:

<form method="post" action="/thank-you/" >
<input type="hidden" name="zlf" value="Contact Page Form" />