Canonical Tags

Learn about our different canonical tag settings and how to enable them.

Canonical tags help search engines understand authoritative links and can help prevent duplicate content issues.

Your site can automatically generate canonical tags.

Enabling Canonical Tags

  1. Go to the "Schema" section in the content management interface.

  2. Go to the "Site Settings" sub-tab

  3. Select "SEO" from the left sidebar

  4. Click "Enable Canonical Tags"

Canonical Tag Modes

Each page has its own canonical tag settings (though the default setting is typically appropriate).

  • Off — No canonical tag will be rendered

  • On (Default) — This automatically generates a self-referential canonical tag and removes query parameters

  • On – Allow certain parameters — This also automatically generates a self-referential canonical tag, but allows the query parameters you list to be included

  • On – Custom Path — This generates the first part of the URL (including the correct http/https and www/non-www setting), but uses the custom path you specify

URL Case Sensitivity

Canonical tag outputs will follow case sensitivity of URL paths. Uniformity in case output is standard practice as these URLs may get indexed separately and affect SEO. For further information please refer to:

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