Activity Log (prev Audit Trail)

Activity Log keeps a log of all the actions that have been taken on your instance.

What is Activity Log?

Activity Log (previously Audit Trail) is a feature in Reports that allows you to review and gain insights about your instance's activity and see a timeline of user actions for a specific resource such as a content item, a model, a code file/snippet, or a setting. It is extremely useful in allowing you to conduct security audits to catch malicious user actions and in helping you prioritize what your team should be working on.

You can use Activity Log to:

We recommend viewing our how to guides using the links above or watching this video below.


I cannot access Activity Log. What should I do?

Depending on your configuration and user type, this feature might not be available to you. Please contact your instance's administrator to give you permission to access this feature.

What are each of the Tabs in Activity Log?

The 4 tabs are:

  1. Resources: a list of your most recently modified resources

  2. Users: a list of all the users in your instance

  3. Timeline: a timeline of all actions taken in your instance

  4. Insights: an activity data summary of your instance

Was this known as Audit Trail before?

Yes. This was known as Audit Trail until August 2022. We have now renamed it Activity Log. Activity Log will still allow you to generate audit trail reports for any resource you selected.

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