View Activity of a User

How to use Activity Log to view the actions a user has taken on different resources

In some scenarios, you may want to review a specific user's actions. For example, you may want to know what resources a user has acted on and what actions they took on those resources. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how you can conduct such a review.

Step 1: Select Reports in the left navigation bar

The Activity Log should open by default to the "Resources" tab

Step 2: Select the "Users" tab on Activity Log

You will now be able to view a list of all the users on your instance sorted in the order of most recently active.

Step 3: Select a user on the "Users" tab of Activity Log

In this case, I am selecting Gisele Blair.

Step 4: On the user page, select a resource they have worked on

In this case, I am selecting the "Microsoft Active Directory integration" resource.

Step 5: View the timeline of actions taken by the user on the resource

Note: By default, the view that loads only shows the action that the user you have selected has taken. You can always reset this by going to the "Users" filter and selecting the "All" option.

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